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Right-click? Right now!

RadBlue tools rock. There, I said it. And, I meant it! Everyday I learn something new about RadBlue tools that make using them easier and easier. I’ve always thought they were user-friendly – even when I didn’t work here. (Yep, I was a customer first.) As a usability-obsessed user, I believe that usability should always […]

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CVT 6 is here. Watcha think?

CVT release 6 is ready for your review! You’ll need a 2014 license for this release, which you should have already received if you had a 2013 license. If you have product questions or need a license, contact our fabulous Support team. They’re ready to help. In this version of the CVT, we’ve completed our […]

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RadBlue tools show G2S deprecated attributes

Have you ever wondered why some of the displays in the RadBlue tools show headers that are crossed through or marked out like the example below? RadBlue tools display attributes that have been deprecated in the G2S 2.1.0 specification this way so that they are easily identifiable to a user. RadBlue plans to continue showing […]

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(My) GSA Message Validator fail

Did you know that there’s a utility in almost all RadBlue tools called the GSA Message Validator? It can be used to see if a snippet of XML is a valid GSA message. I watched a RadBlue developer use it to review a message and asked if I could have it. He kindly responded that […]

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How to recover from a self-inflicted configuration failure without anyone knowing

or, handy hints for users who don’t read the manual … [Editors Note: Maile is in no way suggesting that you shouldn’t read the documentation. You should. It’s useful (if I do say so myself). Seriously. Check it out.] Have you ever changed the SmartEGM configuration in RST, and then the application wouldn’t launch?  Yep, […]

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