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Tester Toolkit Spotlight: GAT Management Control

Luckily, just as I was ready to close the Tester Toolkit (TTK) review series, RGS v 38 came out with an entirely brand new function: GAT software verification. The GAT Management Control in RGS consists of two parts: the GAT Component Digest and the GAT Component Verification. Here’s an overview. GAT Component Digest Located on […]

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Tester Toolkit Spotlight: Response Manager

During our RGS Tester Toolkit (TTK) review in this blog spot we have talked about the module functionality that gives the user the ability to customize which G2S commands get sent to an EGM by using a Startup Algorithm. TTK also has the ability to configure responses and define how RGS responds to the EGM […]

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Tester Toolkit Spotlight: Components – A deeper dive into Custom Scripting

I’ve already told you about the amazing features of RGS Custom Scripting. I think anyone using our RGS tool would agree that being able to run repeatable customized scripts would be a huge benefit of this add-on. Just like the Ginsu knives on TV, there’s actually more! In today’s blog, I want to highlight the […]

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Tester Toolkit Spotlight – Custom Scripting

Customize it! Many of our customers requested a way to send G2S commands on-demand from our RGS host simulator to the EGMs they were working with. We’re really good at providing solutions, so – Voila! – Custom Scripting was born. What is Custom Scripting, you ask? This Tester Toolkit feature enables a user to create […]

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RGS Tester Toolkit Spotlight – Startup Algorithms

We are all looking for ways to make our lives easier and more efficient. RGS Tester Toolkit does that with ready-to-use features like Startup Algorithms. What are Startup Algorithms? Startup Algorithms define which G2S commands are sent when an EGM establishes communication with RGS for the first time. These G2S commands are required to establish […]

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