G2S Engine (RGE)
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G2S Engine (RGE)

The RadBlue G2S Engine (RGE) allows you to easily add new G2S-based applications to your slot floor without the time and expense of implementing a complete G2S solution or disrupting traffic to your current slot system. By handling the complex bits of G2S, RGE allows your development team to focus their efforts on developing new ways to communicate with your players or collect data from your G2S-enabled electronic gaming machines (EGMs).

The design process is simple:

  • You create an idea for an exciting new marketing application.
  • You work with RadBlue’s experts to decide which G2S messages the new application needs to send and receive to accomplish the messaging with the EGMs and players.
  • Your development team creates the application that sends and receives messages through a simple Application Programming Interface (API) to RGE.
  • RadBlue customizes RGE to send and receive the required G2S messages from your application to the G2S-enabled EGMs on your floor.

What Are the Benefits of RGE?

  • Simplicity. RGE does the complex parts of G2S, so you can focus your efforts on developing new ways to communicate with your players or gather data from your EGMs.
  • Effectiveness. Our team has worked with the G2S protocol since its inception. Our G2S protocol simulators are used by gaming manufacturers and test labs world-wide, and are considered to be the reference implementation for G2S by the gaming industry. This means minimal communication issues with EGMs that have implemented G2S in a standard fashion.
  •  Scalability. When your performance needs grow, RGE can be scaled horizontally, so separate instances of RGE can easily service different groups of EGMs.

RGE Overview


What Can I Do with RGE?

The G2S protocol opens up information previously locked inside of the EGM, dramatically expanding the data you can access as well as the interactions you can have with your players through the EGM. Here are some examples of the what you might do using RGE:

  • Yield Management. Determine which themes, paytables and denominations on an EGM are the most popular with players  and adjust your game offerings accordingly.
  • Use the Player User Interface at the game to communicate directly with your players while they are playing, using the EGM’s touch screen.
  • Reward or communicate with your players at the game (“You’ve just won a free dinner at the steakhouse. Can we reserve a table for you?”).
  • Access thousands of G2S events ranging from player events to security events to service events. An interesting application might be to populate a data warehouse or slot analysis system with real-time information directly from the EGMs on your floor.



Read about RGE in action at  Casino de Charlevoix.

Download a PDF of the product overview.

Evaluating RGE

RGE Demo is a version of RGE running inside RGS that works with a sample host application (standing in for your application) and RST (an EGM simulator) or an EGM. RGE Demo makes evaluating RGE in a network environment easy.

Note that the evaluation version of RGE supports a representative set of messages. Your production version of RGE will support the exact set of messages needed for your host application.