Our mission is to deliver expert guidance and the best, most reliable software possible to help our clients achieve their technology goals.

Radical Blue Gaming (RadBlue) was the brainchild of a group of gaming and technology veterans – Russ Ristine, Omey Nandyal and Marty Wegner – who were brought together in 2004 to work on protocol simulators for the Gaming Standards Association (GSA).

In 2005, the trio formed Radical Blue Gaming, a consulting and product development group that provides products and services to gaming technology companies all over the world. These companies use RadBlue products and expertise to develop applications for the open, high-speed network that results when you add Game To System (G2S) and System To System (S2S) protocols to a slot floor.

RadBlue provides independent G2S and S2S expertise to the gaming industry. In addition to creating leading-edge software, the RadBlue team advises companies on how they can maximize and future-proof their G2S or S2S investment. RadBlue also focuses on education and strategic planning for casino operators, helping them to prepare for the world of networked gaming.

We are committed to your success.

RadBlue is unique in its blend of GSA protocol expertise and gaming technology experience. We know the G2S and S2S protocols inside and out, and understand the enabling technologies behind them.

We are effective, we are innovative and we are passionate about helping our customers move into the future successfully.

What we offer our customers is expertise and efficiency that saves them money in both the short and long term by helping them accomplish their goals with an eye toward future innovation.

Whether it’s helping to improve a G2S implementation with our test tools, helping a manufacturer or casino troubleshoot their G2S floor in real-time, or advising casinos on the most efficient way to move to an open-standard, high-speed slot floor, our goal is to give our customers the tools they need to succeed in the world of next generation gaming.

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