Why RadBlue?
Incredibly innovative gaming solutions.

Why Should You Choose RadBlue?


We are experienced GSA protocol developers.

We’ve been developing solutions for GSA’s G2S and S2S protocols longer than anyone. Since we’ve implemented all of G2S for both the EGM and the Host, we have an excellent understanding of how to take advantage of the incredible new features that become available.

You can trust our solutions.

UNLV, GSA and now the Macau Polytechnic Institute are all using our simulators as the teaching tool for their G2S classes. GSA offers our tools to regulators around the world to use for verifying everyone else’s G2S implementations. Our solutions are continually vetted by the best in the gaming development arena, helping them to become the best in the industry.

We play well with everyone.

RadBlue is the independent technology provider to the largest EGM and system development companies in the gaming industry. We’ve done confidential projects for some, and have helped others with their strategic planning. Because we’re independent, we can provide unbiased assistance to anyone. Our goal is simply to help everyone implement (and use) GSA’s protocols correctly.

We are G2S and S2S evangelists.

We believe in the GSA protocols and their use in industry-wide standardization. RadBlue team members travel around the world to help development teams understand how to take advantage of GSA’s protocols. We speak regularly at conferences and at trade shows (such as CasinoFest and G2E), helping everyone understand the benefits and advantages of GSA’s protocols, and why having a web-based floor will soon provide casino operators with an incredible advantage over their competitors.

Buying a RadBlue tool starts a long-term relationship.

When you purchase one of our tools, you also buy the annual maintenance package for that tool, which provides product fixes, monthly software updates, answers to any questions that you might have about the protocols or our tools, and help whenever you encounter a situation that has you stumped. It’s much easier to call us than to call one of your competitors to see how they solved the problem.

Still not sure? Try a student version of our tools to see if they work for you.