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Analysis Suite (RAS)

A powerful tool that streamlines troubleshooting issues between two Game To System (G2S) or System To System (S2S) endpoints. Instead of product experts spending days or weeks combing through data, they simply load the data into RAS and, within moments, have a searchable data set that they can use to quickly locate issues.

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Compliance Verification Tool (CVT)

The Compliance Verification Tool (CVT) is a Game-to-System (G2S) test tool designed to provide game developers, test engineers, regulators and operators with a tool that quickly verifies that gaming products meet a basic standard for G2S implementation.

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G2S Engine (RGE)

Easily add new G2S-based applications to your slot floor without the time and expense of implementing a complete G2S solution or disrupting traffic to your current slot system.

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G2S Scope (RGS)

The EGM developer’s tool – the RadBlue G2S Scope (RGS) simulates a G2S host system to create and send any G2S messages to the EGM, and to provide detailed analysis of the G2S messages generated by an electronic gaming machine.

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Load Tester (RLT)

The RadBlue Load Tester (RLT) is a multi-threaded G2S load test application, scalable from one to many EGMs, each with their own custom configuration, running their own SmartEGM Tiger script. The Load Tester allows you to evaluate the performance of a new system or software, or the impact on a new feature to the performance of your G2S systems.

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Protocol Analyzer (RPA)

This easy-to-use tool monitors all traffic between any two S2S or G2S endpoints, even if SSL is being used for security. All messages flow transparently through the tool, where they are validated against a supplied schema. Transcripts and error reports can be produced at the touch of a button.

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S2S Simulator (RSS)

The RadBlue S2S Simulator (RSS) lets you simulate either endpoint for communications between a System to System (S2S) central host (Central) and another S2S server (Edge), which communicates with Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs), Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), and kiosks.

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System Tester (RST)

The RadBlue System Tester (RST) is the ultimate toolkit for G2S system developers and testers. With the System Tester, you can perform individual G2S simulation tests as well as creating extended, customized scripts that can generate hundreds of commands.

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