Protocol Analyzer (RPA)
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Protocol Analyzer (RPA)

The RadBlue Protocol Analyzer (RPA) verifies that G2S or S2S messages sent between two endpoints have been implemented according to GSA messaging standards.

These two endpoints consist of a system on one end, and an EGM, a kiosk or a system on the other end. The Protocol Analyzer sits between the two endpoints, receives messages from each side, verifies the messages, and forwards them on to their destination.

System Requirements:

  • 64-bit Operating System:
    Windows (11 or Server) or Linux
  • Memory: 4 GB (minimum)
  • Disk Space: 250 MB
  • Evaluation License from RadBlue to try out the product
Protocol Analyzer (RPA) Downloads:
Version 88 | G2S or S2S – any version
64-bit Windows |  64-bit Linux

Need help installing on a secure network?
Click here for instructions.

The Protocol Analyzer lets you view messages as they are passed between the two endpoints. You can:

  • view all messages
  • set up specific message types on a “watch” list
  • easily identify any non-compliant messages
  • view the .xml document behind any message
  • use custom protocol schemas for validating messages
  • generate a report of all errors detected by the tool
  • apply optional disruptive filters to selected messages

Disruptive Filters

An optional feature that provides additional RPA functionality, Disruptive Filters let you manipulate selected commands received by RPA to test system and EGM functionality. All supported commands and events are available for filtering.

There are two types of disruptive filters: automatic and interactive. Automatic filters do not require any additional user input once they are configured. Interactive filters, once configured, require manual handling of the specified command(s).

Disruptive filters are available for both G2S and S2S.