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Right-click? Right now!

RadBlue tools rock. There, I said it. And, I meant it! Everyday I learn something new about RadBlue tools that make using them easier and easier. I’ve always thought they were user-friendly – even when I didn’t work here. (Yep, I was a customer first.) As a usability-obsessed user, I believe that usability should always […]

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How to recover from a self-inflicted configuration failure without anyone knowing

or, handy hints for users who don’t read the manual … [Editors Note: Maile is in no way suggesting that you shouldn’t read the documentation. You should. It’s useful (if I do say so myself). Seriously. Check it out.] Have you ever changed the SmartEGM configuration in RST, and then the application wouldn’t launch?  Yep, […]

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Get release 20 now!

The latest RGS, RST and RSS releases are now available o Buy Cheap Viagra n our website. In this release, we’ve made several improvements and corrections to RGS and RST, including: a new Set Option Change component in the RGS Tester Toolkit lets you export and edit the optionConfig.setOptionChange command from the Message Transcript, and […]

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