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Driving to the ocean

Each summer we head to the ocean. There is nothing like seeing your children playing in the high tide of the Atlantic. But getting there is a serious challenge. We have five kids, one van and at least 17 hours on the road. So there is a great deal of planning that is done up-front. We plot out where […]

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Why my son should be named “Kent Beck Wegner”

If you haven’t read Why I Quit Programming, do that first. To continue . . . I quit programming and pretty much did nothing for twelve months – until our company flamed out and I was out on the street. Part of me was sad that six years of work had gone up in smoke […]

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A short history of gaming technology

I’m regularly asked how G2S is better or different than what is currently on gaming floors. In a nutshell, it all comes down to speed and the ability to innovate. First, let’s talk about how we got to the current comfortable solution we’re all enjoying, and later, we can discuss why change is really for the better. In the […]

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Why I Quit Programming

On Thanksgiving Day, 1999, I quit programming. Just walked away. After nineteen years, I had enough. I was done. But I am getting ahead of myself. In 1990 I had a startup software company that I loved. It was called Frontline Software Technology. Now, Frontline was, by just about every conceivable business measure, a sad little enterprise. We were very small, […]

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Feeling Bad For Microsoft

I don’t normally spend much time feeling bad for Microsoft. As a longtime Xinu/Unix/Linux fan, I have long maintained a skeptical attitude towards them. But last week I read something which made me pause for a moment. At the All Things Digital conference, sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft had to glumly sit by while the […]

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