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The practical benefits of a G2S networked gaming floor

Now that G2S-based technologies are hitting the market, we are frequently asked to explain the benefits of a G2S gaming floor network. Before you can understand the potential benefits, you must understand that G2S is just the enabler: High-speed, open, Internet-style communications just won’t work on the SAS-based gaming floor of today, so we need […]

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A short history of gaming technology

I’m regularly asked how G2S is better or different than what is currently on gaming floors. In a nutshell, it all comes down to speed and the ability to innovate. First, let’s talk about how we got to the current comfortable solution we’re all enjoying, and later, we can discuss why change is really for the better. In the […]

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G2S – Why Should I Care?

There’s been much talk in the last few years about server-based gaming and G2S (the new web-based Game To System messaging protocol from the Gaming Standards Association), but most folks out there are wondering why they should pay more than a couple of seconds attention to this new phenomenon. Fifteen years ago, folks were saying the […]

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