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The practical benefits of a G2S networked gaming floor

Now that G2S-based technologies are hitting the market, we are frequently asked to explain the benefits of a G2S gaming floor network. Before you can understand the potential benefits, you must understand that G2S is just the enabler: High-speed, open, Internet-style communications just won’t work on the SAS-based gaming floor of today, so we need a new way of communicating the basic slot system information over a high-speed network. G2S is that solution. With that in mind, here are some early benefits of a G2S networked gaming floor:

Supports standard Internet technologies

Since G2S uses standard Internet transports and security, any technologies that have been created for the Internet will find a home on your G2S gaming floor. Not just the ones that are approved by your proprietary system provider, but any technologies you find relevant. (Of course, you’ll need to have adequate bandwidth, so don’t be cheap when installing your floor network.)

Lets you easily add new server functions to your G2S network

As long as your EGMs can accommodate multiple G2S hosts (early ones may be challenged with this, but soon it will be the standard practice), you’ll be able to get anyone to build a new application for your floor that takes advantage of the incredible power of G2S. Tournament servers that work with any games, bonusing systems that you design, progressive systems that work in-property (or across your enterprise) – all are possible with G2S.

Lets you add Internet functions to the mix

Folks in their 30s aren’t really enamored with the traditional slot machine – after all, they’re totally into multi-tasking (simultaneously carrying on multiple texting or IM sessions, while participating in multi-player gaming experiences on the web). While you probably don’t need to host texting (after all, anyone who wants a texting device already has a phone), it might be nice to let interested players know which of their “friends” are currently playing in the casino. An interactive PUI with a bit of web technology makes this all possible. And while you’re at it, how about an interactive multi-player gaming environment? I’m sure you can make it more compelling and engaging that sitting at home (or in a coffee shop) interacting with a PC, or a MAC, or a Smartphone.

The new Player User Interface (PUI)

So, G2S is out the door. Most EGM and System vendors are hard at work building G2S 1.0.3 implementations for their devices, and the GSA technical committees are working hard at finishing up the certification programs (essentially the final exam to make sure you’ve implemented G2S correctly).  Next step – standardizing the Player User Interface – you know that window that slides in from the side of the EGM screen when requested by the player that will soon replace the 3”x6” state of the art display that was all the rage 5 years ago?

A group of operators joined GSA and took over GSA’s Operator Advisory Committee and, during the last year, they’ve come up with over two dozen Use Cases for this new display, including hotel and restaurant reservations, interactions with online gaming sites, requests to hosts, gaming tutorials, etc. Once your new network is in place, layering on new applications that allow you to interact with your players will be effortless – as long as you don’t have to deal with the hurdles of a proprietary network.

These are just the leading benefits. As G2S development matures, there will no doubt be many more benefits from the G2S-based products to come.

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