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RGS Tester Toolkit Spotlight – Startup Algorithms

We are all looking for ways to make our lives easier and more efficient. RGS Tester Toolkit does that with ready-to-use features like Startup Algorithms. What are Startup Algorithms? Startup Algorithms define which G2S commands are sent when an EGM establishes communication with RGS for the first time. These G2S commands are required to establish […]

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A look at the RGS Tester Toolkit – the Start-up Algorithm

The Tester Toolkit is an optional module for RGS that lets you customize and extend RGS testing functionality. The Tester Toolkit consists of three main features – the Start-up Algorithm, Custom Scripting and the Response Manager. Each of these features allow you to extend your ability to test G2S EGMs. In this post, we explore […]

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