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RGS Tester Toolkit Spotlight – Startup Algorithms

We are all looking for ways to make our lives easier and more efficient. RGS Tester Toolkit does that with ready-to-use features like Startup Algorithms.TTK Startup Algorithm

What are Startup Algorithms? Startup Algorithms define which G2S commands are sent when an EGM establishes communication with RGS for the first time. These G2S commands are required to establish and maintain that EGM/Host conversation.

While it’s true that a standard RGS (without Tester Toolkit) comes with the ability to turn on and off G2S commands in the standard Startup Algorithm, that’s where it ends. The Tester Toolkit module extends that functionality by allowing the user to define the commands, attributes, change sequencing of commands, even group commands to send together as one, or run the algorithm one command at a time using the “step through” feature.

Tester Toolkit comes fully loaded with four “canned” Startup Algorithms. The out-of-the-box default Startup Algorithm enables the tool to be useful without manual set-up. The other options can be substituted without any changes for the standard default algorithm, if desired, as well. Or, they can easily be used as a template for creating modified algorithms that can be saved for future use under a name and description of the user’s choosing. Swapping between them on the fly is easy and quick. There’s even a feature to set an alternate algorithm to be used all the time, even persisting through future RGS versions.

In short, Startup Algorithms are a highly customizable feature of the RGS Tester Tookit.

Want to know more? Check out the Tester Toolkit User Guide found here.

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