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Tester Toolkit Spotlight: Components – A deeper dive into Custom Scripting

I’ve already told you about the amazing features of RGS Custom Scripting. I think anyone using our RGS tool would agree that being able to run repeatable customized scripts would be a huge benefit of this add-on. Just like the Ginsu knives on TV, there’s actually more! In today’s blog, I want to highlight the […]

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Tester Toolkit Spotlight – Custom Scripting

Customize it! Many of our customers requested a way to send G2S commands on-demand from our RGS host simulator to the EGMs they were working with. We’re really good at providing solutions, so – Voila! – Custom Scripting was born. What is Custom Scripting, you ask? This Tester Toolkit feature enables a user to create […]

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Power User’s Toolbox: Automated testing meets G2S EGMs

One of the difficulties of an industry that uses multiple proprietary messaging protocols is the dirth of good test tools specific to each protocol. In-house solutions are often not all they’re cracked up to be, buy cialis online and even when they work well, they can be difficult to keep up-to-date. The only alternative, then, […]

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