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G2S: How to get there from here

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon have to start making decisions about adding G2S to your world—measuring its potential against other capital improvements and making sure that the decisions you make will give your property excellent positioning in the years to come. – Russ Ristine, G2S: How to Get There from Here In this month’s […]

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Security standards or standard security?

Happily, you can have both. G2S and S2S support standard Internet security protocols such as TLS (SSL) as well as automated certificate approval and revocation (SCEP and OCSP, respectively). These are standard technologies that you can use to prevent tampering of your gaming floor’s communications network. Moreover, they are mature, time-tested and the same off-the-shelf […]

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The practical benefits of a G2S networked gaming floor

Now that G2S-based technologies are hitting the market, we are frequently asked to explain the benefits of a G2S gaming floor network. Before you can understand the potential benefits, you must understand that G2S is just the enabler: High-speed, open, Internet-style communications just won’t work on the SAS-based gaming floor of today, so we need […]

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