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Security standards or standard security?

Happily, you can have both.

G2S and S2S support standard Internet security protocols such as TLS (SSL) as well as automated certificate approval and revocation (SCEP and OCSP, respectively). These are standard technologies that you can use to prevent tampering of your gaming floor’s communications network. Moreover, they are mature, time-tested and the same off-the-shelf technologies used in other heavily regulated industries, such as banking. G2S also supports other Internet security standards and managed networks, such as Internet Protocol Security (IPSec).

So, what does this mean for your casino? Among other things, standard security support means that your high-speed gaming floor will support robust security protections right out of the box. And, because your network’s security solutions will reflect technology standards, chances are your IT team already has the skills and procedures in place.

That takes care of standard security, but what about security standards?

The Game Authentication Terminal (GAT) class lets you authenticate software on an EGM (in the case of G2S) or a server (for S2S) right from your desktop. And, because both protocols support multiple hash functions (for example, CRC, MD5 and SHA), you can be sure that you’ll be able to handle whatever EGM-supported algorithms your casino’s regulators prefer. The GAT class was designed specifically to address the concerns of regulators. In fact, regulatory representatives helped determine its requirements.

Since you’ll soon be able to automatically authenticate the software running in the EGMs on your floor over your network, you can automate software authentication to run at whatever interval you choose. So with G2S or S2S, instead of checking 10 percent of your games once a year, you can authenticate your entire floor every week, or even every day, without disrupting floor traffic.

And, speaking of regulatory requirements, on a G2S floor that supports multiple G2S hosts, you can set up a G2S server for your regulators to use to collect whatever information they require from EGMs. Because G2S allows you to set read/write permissions for each server on your network, you won’t have to compromise security for access.

What do you think? Do the G2S and S2S security standards meet your casino’s expectations and requirements? What other security capabilities would you like to see?

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