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(My) GSA Message Validator fail

Did you know that there’s a utility in almost all RadBlue tools called the GSA Message Validator? It can be used to see if a snippet of XML is a valid GSA message. I watched a RadBlue developer use it to review a message and asked if I could have it. He kindly responded that I already had it – as if I’d failed to read the tool instructions (I did). To which I quickly replied that I’d go do that now. Don’t get caught – use my blunder for your gain!

Why use GSA Message Validator? 

To quickly see if an XML message is valid according to the GSA specifications.

Where do I find the GSA Message Validator?

On the Tools menu. Select the GSA Message Validator option or press F4 to bring up the window.

A Screen Review

 GSA Validator Screen

GSA Schema Selector: Choose which version of the GSA schema the validator will use when checking the XML text snippet.

Format Content: Make the XML more readable while working in the GSA Message Validator.

XML Message Window: Paste or type the XML text being validated into this window. You can edit it right on the screen.

Validate Button: Press the Validate button to determine if the text is compliant.

Validation Results Window: Review the validation message information in this window to determine why a message has been deemed Not Valid.


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