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CVT 8 is here!

Release 8 of the CVT has just been posted to the CVT Development Portal.

In this new version of the CVT, we’ve completed our testing of the important requirements in the meters class, along with numerous other changes throughout the product.

New features of note in this version of the tool include:

  1. The latest CVT Coverage report is now included in the help system (as well as on the CVT Portal).
  2. The CVT is now checking all of the relevant attributes in the cabinet class commands.
  3. The cabinet door open/close test case has been duplicated so we can examine the associated data of each of the events.
  4. We’ve added the verification of the disableText attribute by the tester.
  5. We’ve added a test case to verify the events for the opening and closing of the auxiliary door.

For information on all of the changes in this release, including new test cases, check out the release notes.

Updated release notes, a new CVT Test Case Encyclopedia, a new CVT Coverage report and the latest CVT installer can all be found on the CVT Portal.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues (or if you need a license, so you can take the CVT out for a spin).

Good luck!



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