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The buzz on release 15

Our developers have been busy bees in this cycle. In particular, those of you who are working with the RGS Tester Toolkit are going to notice lots of changes to custom scripting, a feature that lets you create custom scripts on our G2S host simulator to bang on your EGMs.

More Script Verbs
Script verbs let you insert script-specific functions and complex commands into any custom script. New script verbs let you take snapshots of events and compare them, run scripts within scripts, set the Time to Live for the script and wait for specific commands to be sent from the EGM before proceeding with the script run.

Support for Variables
You can now define the devices for every command – or command group - you add to a custom script using variables. Variables let you define device settings that can be used in multiple commands and changed, as needed, from a single location. Variables can be created locally, or, you can create variable templates that can be used in any script. And, not wanting you to do more work than necessary, you can edit a script’s variable settings from the main Custom Scripting screen, without going back into the script. Ah, sweet usability.

So, what else?

The Advanced Transcript Analyzer – available in the Tester Toolkit, the RadBlue Analysis Suite (RAS) or as an optional module in the RadBlue Protocol Analyzer (RPA) – has lots more rules to run your G2S messages against.

There’s more, but those are the highlights. If you’d like additional details, release notes and updated user guides are available for each product*:

If you have questions, just let us know. We would be happy to chat.

*Don’t feel left out, dear RSS users, we are working on S2S 1.4.2 support for release 16.

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