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Cool technologies we’d like to see on a networked slot floor

Now that most gaming vendors are knee-deep in their development of G2S- and S2S-based products, we thought that we would put together a list of current technologies we would like to see on the slot floor. All of these technologies could be supported or integrated using a high-speed network and Gaming Standards Association protocols. Here are our picks:

Video Conferencing

We know, video conferencing has been around for awhile (think Skype). Unfortunately, serial connections have not been able to support video conferencing at the game. With high-speed networking, you can now interact with your players in new ways. Notice a hot player is starting to slow down? Offer him tickets to the buffet. Have a high-roller who is playing into the wee hours of the morning? Maybe he would like a room.

The future is all about establishing relationships with your customers – making them part of your community. Whether they have an issue, question or just need to chat, video communications will give your players instant face-to-face access to casino representatives and let you better anticipate your customers’ needs. What better way to build customer satisfaction and loyalty?

Social Networking

Not only will technology make it easier for players to connect with you, it will make it easier for them to connect with each other. Whether it’s posting, texting, chatting, following or tweeting, many of you already use this technology to reach players. But these applications could be much more tightly integrated into the gaming experience to build your player community, bring players together and bring the excitement of playing with friends - even over long distances – to your properties. Best of all, social networking is increasingly becoming a real-time endeavor: players won’t wait until they get home to tell their friends about their experience at your casino – they’re more likely to give real-time updates and invite their friends to join them. This makes individual players even more important to your business because they have the potential to attract additional players during their visit.


There are so many possibilities for GPS technology, it’s hard to know where to begin. From a marketing perspective, GPS adds a new dimension to recommendations (for example, the “Trips” feature in Gowalla). Players can now, not only give your casino a thumbs up, but provide specific location information about the best places in your casino to visit. You can entice players into your casino by sending rewards directly to their phone if they come within a certain range of the property. Or, increase play on new games by sending players game-specific coupons as they walk through the slot floor.

As with social networking, integration of GPS technologies into the slot machine could add interest to the gaming experience as well as to expand your player base. What if players could use Google-Earth-like technology to find other players for multi-player games – not just in the casino they’re in, but in casinos around the world?


Smartphones give you instant access to players and let you keep the excitement going after they have left the casino. What about sending bonus games to the player’s smartphone? Or, did player X tell you that she’s a fan of Really Cool Game Y? Send her real-time, automatic game updates:

“HotPlayer6 just beat your high score on Really Cool Game Y! Come in today and we’ll give you three free spins to try and top it!”

Augmented Reality (AR)

What if AR adventures involved playing slots in your casino? Maybe even card games? What if players not only raced around one of your properties, but several, trying to be the first to earn the final reward? Sure 3D and Wii-like interactions are cool, but we think gaming companies should go in this direction:

While the above video is conceptual, the technology already exists. AR gaming has the potential for the competitiveness, interactivity and excitement to take gaming to a whole new level.

What technology would you like to see on the gaming floor?

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