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There are many roads to G2S

I’ve read several times in interviews and articles by casino folks that the cost of moving their slot floor to G2S seems overly daunting, complicated and expensive for the return on investment. While their concerns are understandable in light of the old paradigm, the beauty of G2S is that it isn’t an “all or nothing” proposition.

As more and more casinos transition to G2S solutions, the paths they travel to get there are as individual as the casinos themselves. Some, for example, convert a single bank of machines to G2S. This allows the property to test new features, work out the kinks and bring the staff up to speed before converting more EGMs. Others, especially new casinos, jump in with both feet and run a high-speed network across their entire slot floor, making it easy to add a G2S game anywhere on the floor. Most existing casinos fall somewhere in the middle, depending on their individual needs and resources.

Because G2S was envisioned as a multi-host environment, casinos don’t need to put all their faith (and budget) into a single, monolithic system. Small host applications – whether player tracking, game configuration, multimedia or promotions – can augment existing systems with new G2S features. The new data, features and capablities unlocked by the G2S protocol can add efficiency and value without the huge overhead. And, because G2S isn’t all or nothing, solutions can be rolled out at a pace that best suits the casino.

The path you choose with G2S really is your own – and there are many more directions to take than simply right or left (personally, we like going off-road). Where do you think your road to G2S will take you?



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