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Security standards or standard security?

Happily, you can have both. G2S and S2S support standard Internet security protocols such as TLS (SSL) as well as automated certificate approval and revocation (SCEP and OCSP, respectively). These are standard technologies that you can use to prevent tampering of your gaming floor’s communications network. Moreover, they are mature, time-tested and the same off-the-shelf […]

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The practical benefits of a G2S networked gaming floor

Now that G2S-based technologies are hitting the market, we are frequently asked to explain the benefits of a G2S gaming floor network. Before you can understand the potential benefits, you must understand that G2S is just the enabler: High-speed, open, Internet-style communications just won’t work on the SAS-based gaming floor of today, so we need […]

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WMS moves toward the future

Has anyone seen the WMS Player’s Life site? Players of the new Lord of the Rings™ game can now extend their gaming experience outside the casino by logging on (by computer or mobile phone) to, a website that lets EGM players play “casual games” for bonus points. They can then use those bonus points on the casino […]

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Eldorado launches mobile application

This is good stuff. If only EGMs could read promotional ticket barcodes off Smartphones. . . (Anyone working on that?)

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The proprietary slot floor: pros and cons

Do we move to an open-standard, high-speed network or stay with the current proprietary network we’ve got? That is the question being discussed by casino operators worldwide. To facilitate the discussion, it may be useful to step back and take a look at some of the pros and cons of the typical slot floor network […]

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