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Release 28 is hot off the grill! Here are some highlights:Release 28 - Hot off the grill!

  • A new version of Java – SE7u11 – is now required for all tools.
  • You can now configure the time zone sent in RGS and RST messages. This change allows you to test using custom time zones.
  • We added a Send My Command script verb to the Startup Algorithm in the RGS Tester Toolkit module. Use this script verb to send custom commands in the startup algorithm.
  • A new Export Metrics option in RLT lets you quickly export RLT metric data to a file.
  • RST now supports G2S 1.1.0 with audit meters.
  • In an ongoing effort to ensure that RadBlue tools use the latest technologies, the tools have been updated to Apache CXF version 2.7.2. This change should not affect tool performance or operation.
  • In RGS, the download.deletePackage command now shows you a list of all active packages for an EGM instead of just the latest package that was added.
  • In the RST Tester Toolkit, the Message Modification and Message Disruption screens have been enhanced with a Clear Active button that removes the active file with the push of a button.



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