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Dipping our (collective) toe into G2S 2.1

We’ve been working away to ensure that our products meet your needs, and release 25 is chock-full of changes. Here are a few of the highlights for this release:


  • We added schema support for G2S version 2.1 for all G2S products, which means that the product will now use the G2S 2.1 schema by default. Since the G2S 2.1 schema is backwards compatible with G2S 1.1, this should be a non-issue for most people, but it lets us start adding in the new classes and functionality that are available in this new version of the protocol.
  • The audit meters and communications classes have been implemented in accordance with the G2S 2.1 protocol. Additional classes will be implemented in subsequent releases.
  • All RadBlue products now require Java SE 7u7 or higher. If the installer cannot find this version on your computer, you are prompted to download and run the Java installer, or navigate to the correct Java version. Oracle moved to Java 7 nearly a year ago, so it is now stable enough that we are moving there as well. This should have minimal effect on your environment, but keeps our products on modern versions of the underlying technology.
  • A list of all third-party software used by RadBlue and links to their licensing agreements has been added to the Products page of the RadBlue website.

Installers, release notes and user guides are available on each tool’s product page.


Have a suggestion to improve a RadBlue product? Let us know on the RadBlue Forum.



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