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Release 17. . . because happy scrolling fingers matter

Usability is the name of the game in release 17. We’ve added increased tool flexibility, configurablity and made scrolling through configuration options a thing of the past. So, sit back and relax with these tool improvements:

  • All installers now automatically detect and uninstall any previous versions of the tool in the install directory.
  • To keep your scrolling finger happy, several option configuration screens have been re-organized, with option content  appearing in tabs, by functional area (for example, Database, Meter and Transport).
  • A new Save Transcript Messages to Database option that, when configured properly, can improve tool performance. 
  • Advanced Transcript Analyzer filtering preferences are now retained when you print the Advanced Transcript Analysis report.
  • A new Keystore tab on the Security Options configuration screen that lets you manage the tool’s keystore files.

There’s all this and much more, so download all the latest improvements today! 





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