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Release 14 is out!

There is lots of good stuff in release 14 of the RadBlue tools… The Tester Toolkit, an optional module for RGS, has gotten a bit of a makeover and is much easier to use. We’ve added a Components tab with Event Subscriptions, Meter Subscriptions and Macros (which let you create multi-command operations). All of the Components can then be run in the custom scripting feature - easy to use and you get much more custom scripting power.

If you are interested in the Operating Hours extension for the G2S protocol, we’ve added support for it in RST, RGS and RLT. Another great feature in this release is Message Sizing Analysis (in RAS), which lets you see message sizes. If you have GZIP enabled, you can see the pre- and post-compressed message size.

If you have questions or would like more details, let us know.

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