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A look at the RGS Tester Toolkit – the Start-up Algorithm

The Tester Toolkit is an optional module for RGS that lets you customize and extend RGS testing functionality. The Tester Toolkit consists of three main features – the Start-up Algorithm, Custom Scripting and the Response Manager. Each of these features allow you to extend your ability to test G2S EGMs. In this post, we explore […]

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Take a peek at the Compliance Verification Tool for G2S

Great news! We have completed a demonstration version of the Compliance Verification Tool (CVT) that you can download and play with. The CVT is a test tool that allows you to quickly determine whether your gaming products meet a basic standard for G2S implementation. What does this mean for you? It means ensured interoperability. It […]

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Get it while it’s hot!

Release 28 is hot off the grill! Here are some highlights: A new version of Java – SE7u11 – is now required for all tools. You can now configure the time zone sent in RGS and RST messages. This change allows you to test using custom time zones. We added a Send My Command script […]

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2013 release schedule

        In 2013, you can expect a new release of all RadBlue products on the first Tuesday of each even-numbered month. I know. Don’t think too hard.    Here are the dates: Release 26 – February 5 Release 28 – April 2 Release 30 – June 4 Release 32 – August 6 […]

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Dipping our (collective) toe into G2S 2.1

We’ve been working away to ensure that our products meet your needs, and release 25 is chock-full of changes. Here are a few of the highlights for this release:   We added schema support for G2S version 2.1 for all G2S products, which means that the product will now use the G2S 2.1 schema by […]

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