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Dipping our (collective) toe into G2S 2.1

We’ve been working away to ensure that our products meet your needs, and release 25 is chock-full of changes. Here are a few of the highlights for this release:   We added schema support for G2S version 2.1 for all G2S products, which means that the product will now use the G2S 2.1 schema by […]

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Version 24 of the RadBlue tools has been released!

For this release, we updated the required Java version to Java 1.6.0_33 in all products, updated the Advanced Transcript Analyzer for G2S 1.1, made several usability improvements and corrected minor issues. We’ve also made changes to the RST Remote Control interface and Tiger Scripting. If you are at G2E this week, stop by the Gaming […]

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There are many roads to G2S

I’ve read several times in interviews and articles by casino folks that the cost of moving their slot floor to G2S seems overly daunting, complicated and expensive for the return on investment. While their concerns are understandable in light of the old paradigm, the beauty of G2S is that it isn’t an “all or nothing” […]

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Get release 20 now!

The latest RGS, RST and RSS releases are now available o Buy Cheap Viagra n our website. In this release, we’ve made several improvements and corrections to RGS and RST, including: a new Set Option Change component in the RGS Tester Toolkit lets you export and edit the optionConfig.setOptionChange command from the Message Transcript, and […]

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Power User’s Toolbox: Automated testing meets G2S EGMs

One of the difficulties of an industry that uses multiple proprietary messaging protocols is the dirth of good test tools specific to each protocol. In-house solutions are often not all they’re cracked up to be, buy cialis online and even when they work well, they can be difficult to keep up-to-date. The only alternative, then, […]

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