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Driving to the ocean

Each summer we head to the ocean. There is nothing like seeing your children playing in the high tide of the Atlantic. But getting there is a serious challenge. We have five kids, one van and at least 17 hours on the road. So there is a great deal of planning that is done up-front. We plot out where […]

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G2S – Why Should I Care?

There’s been much talk in the last few years about server-based gaming and G2S (the new web-based Game To System messaging protocol from the Gaming Standards Association), but most folks out there are wondering why they should pay more than a couple of seconds attention to this new phenomenon. Fifteen years ago, folks were saying the […]

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Greetings and Salutations

Hello world. That is how these things always start out – at least when you are a programmer.  Or maybe: System.out.println(“Hello world”); This is my first entry, so I thought I would introduce myself.  My name is Marty and I work here at RadBlue.  I do lots of different things, but my main job to […]

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Welcome to the RadBlue blog!

Networked gaming is based on open standards. In that spirit, we’ve created new spaces for the gaming technology community to learn, ask questions and discuss networked gaming. The RadBlue Blog First, the new RadBlue blog will feature insights and discussions from RadBlue experts as well as leaders in the world of networked gaming. It will address […]

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