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Experience GSA's Game To System (G2S) protocols in action with a free copy of the tools used by game and system developers around the world.

Request your free student licenses today!

RadBlue’s EGM and host simulators are perfect for seeing the potential of the G2S protocol in action.

To request free student licenses for the RadBlue System Tester (RST), RadBlue G2S Scope (RGS) and RadBlue Protocol Analyzer (RPA), just send a request to , including your name, e-mail address, and the MAC address(es) of the computers on which you’d like to install the tools.

PLEASE NOTE: The Student versions of our products are designed to work with each other, not with actual games or systems. For that, you will need a production license…


Frequently Asked Questions…

What is a MAC address, and how do I find out what mine is?

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier assigned to your computer’s Network Interface Card(s) (NIC). This means that your license will only work with the computer that has the MAC address you specify.

MAC addresses are alphanumeric and have an XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX format. For example: 04-00-24-55-4A-02.

To find your MAC address on a Windows system:

1. Go to: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
2. Type ipconfig /all
3. Find the Physical Address field. This is the MAC address for your computer.

To find your MAC address on a Linux system:

1. Open a command prompt.
2. Type ifconfig
3. Find the HWaddr field. This is the MAC address for your computer.


What if my computer has multiple MAC addresses?

Good question. You can use any of your computer’s MAC addresses – just pick one.


Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is for anyone who is interested in learning about GSA’s Game-to-System protocol (G2S) or RadBlue’s tools.


What is included with the Student Licenses?

Student licenses for use with the RadBlue System Tester (RST), the RadBlue G2S Scope (RGS), and the RadBlue Protocol Analyzer (RPA). While the student version is identical to the standard version, a student version of the products will work only with other student-licensed products (not with actual games or systems).


I’m a casino. Why do I care about protocol stuff?

We’re sure that you’ve heard of server-based gaming and/or networked gaming. The underlying technology for these innovations is GSA’s Game-to-System protocol. The RadBlue tools included in this offer will give you a chance to see the protocol in action and to learn about the features G2S supports before it arrives on your casino floor. More importantly, our tools can help you become a more informed consumer of G2S-based products – the more you understand about G2S, the better decisions you will be able to make when you’re presented with all of the choices G2S will bring.

RadBlue has worked closely with the Gaming Standards Association in developing its tools to ensure they are G2S compliant.


How do RadBlue tools relate to actual G2S-based products?

EGM and System developers all over the world currently use our tools for reference during the development process. Testing agencies and product assurance groups use these same tools to test G2S-based products. So, the messaging you see in our tools will closely mirror what you see in G2S-based products.


Once I get my student licenses, what do I do?

We’re so glad you asked. Once you receive your student licenses, save them to your computer. Then, go to the product pages for RST, RGS and RPA, and download the installers. You will be prompted for the license location during installation.


Where do I start?

Download our Quick Start guide to get going quickly on the basics of RST, RGS and RPA. Need more info? A complete user guide is available for each product on our documentation page.


Do I really need all three products?

Since you are simulating a G2S conversation between an EGM and host system, at a minimum, you must have RST (the EGM simulator) and RGS (the host simulator) to talk to one another. Once they are talking, you can add RPA to the middle of the conversation to see the messages pass back and forth between the two endpoints.

RPA is not required for the G2S conversation, but if you are planning to put G2S on your slot floor and want to be able to see the messages and troubleshoot which endpoint is causing an issue, we recommend that you try this very useful tool. It is truly provides a window into G2S


What if I have questions or issues while using the products?

If you have questions, or if something is just not working for you, take a look at our Support page. That’s where everyone goes to get their RadBlue problems resolved.


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